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    Best Early Black Friday Deals on Small Kitchen Appliances

    These are the best markdowns you can already get on air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, and more

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    Illustration of a coffee pot with a large sales tag. Illustration: Consumer Reports, iStock

    Although Black Friday itself is still a few weeks away, there are already worthwhile discounts on coffee makersblendersair fryers, and more, ranging from budget buys under $50 to deep discounts on high-end appliances.

    But the deals we highlight here aren’t solely based on price. They’ve been tested in our labs to ensure you’re saving money and getting a high-quality product that’ll serve you well long-term. Below you’ll find the best deals on highly rated small kitchen appliances you can find right now.

    Keep in mind that if you don’t see something you want, there are bound to be more options in the coming days, so check back here as well as on our Deals hub for more.

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    • Coffee Makers
    Coffee Grinders
    Milk Frothers
    • Air Fryers
    • Blenders
    • Food Processors and Choppers
    • Toasters and Toaster Ovens
    • More Kitchen Tools

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    Coffee Makers

    The Asobu Insulated Portable Brewer KB900 is one of the more expensive models we test, but it’s a superior performer. This manual cold-brew coffee maker offers superb convenience and was one of the best models in our taste tests. The Asobu isn’t dishwasher-safe, but it has a stainless-steel insulated carafe (rare for a manual model) and brews in 12 to 24 hours, depending on how strong you want your coffee.

    Why it’s a good deal: This cold-brew coffee maker is on sale for about 22 percent off in select colors, making now a great time to buy.

    As its name suggests, the Keurig K-Duo Plus pulls double-duty as a single-serve K-Cup brewer and a drip coffee maker with a stainless steel carafe. It performs superbly in our pod tests, and decently in our drip tests. Its features include a multiposition removable water reservoir, height-adjustable drip tray, auto-shutoff, and programming.

    Why it’s a good deal: The Keurig brewer is on sale for 20 percent off.

    For a brewer with a thermal carafe, consider this deal on the Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew BVMC-PSTX91. Our tests show thermal carafes aren’t as easy to hold and pour as glass carafes, but this machine still performs decently for handling. It also offers great brew performance and is quite easy to clean and use.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the best discount we’ve seen in weeks.

    The Nespresso VertuoPlus offers a superb brewing range as well as solid first-cup speed and temperature consistency. In terms of features, it comes equipped with a removable water reservoir, a height-adjustable drip tray, and an auto-shutoff function. And Nespresso pod coffee makers earn top ratings for owner satisfaction and reliability in our member surveys. This machine uses Nespresso’s VertuoLine pods, not the OriginalLine other models use, so make sure you choose the correct pods.

    Why it’s a good deal: Nespresso machines don’t go on sale often, and while we’ve seen bigger discounts for major sales, it’s always nice to save a little if you need a new coffee maker right now. 

    The Ninja 12-Cup Programmable CE201 is a solid performer in our tests, offering impeccable brew performance and a carafe that’s very easy to hold and pour. Ninja brewers also receive high marks for owner satisfaction in our latest member survey. This model features auto-shutoff, a removable water reservoir, a permanent filter, brew-strength control, and programming.

    Why it’s a good deal: This Ninja brewer is about 21 percent off its usual list price.

    Coffee Grinders

    The Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder earns solid scores in all our grind-performance tests, and it’s particularly great at producing coarse grounds, which are ideal for cold-brew and French-press coffee. This model is also easy to clean, but its controls are a bit unintuitive, and it’s one of the noisier grinders in our ratings. The Bodum features 12 grind settings, an auto-stop feature, and a timer.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is 30 percent off the original price. We did see it dip to $85 during the last major sale, so it may drop again closer to Black Friday.

    Milk Frothers

    Aerolatte To-Go

    The Aerolatte To-Go is a nifty little handheld frother that’s capable of frothing up a variety of milks both hot and cold, including plant-based milks. Since it’s handheld, it has a bit of a learning curve, but we were able to get the hang of it in just a few minutes. This Aerolatte is also a cinch to clean: You simply run it in a cup of soapy water for a bit, then run it out of the cup to dry.

    Why it’s a good deal: The Aerolatte To-Go is currently $8 off, a savings of 27 percent.

    Instant Milk Frother

    When you think of the brand Instant Pot, its line of multicookers usually comes to mind, but the company has branched out into coffee makers and frothers. Its affordable Instant Milk Frother was one of the best models in our at-home review, offering performance almost on a par with the Nespresso Aeroccino4 milk frother, which costs more than twice as much. The only downside is that the Instant Milk Frother isn’t dishwasher-safe, because its controls are built into the side of the carafe. Cleaning is still a breeze, though—you just need to hand-wash it with a wet cloth.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s on sale for 20 percent off its list price.

    Air Fryers

    You can feed a four-person family with this large-capacity Bella Pro Series 6-qt. Digital Air Fryer. Though it’s on the noisy side, the digital touchscreen is easy to use and its dishwasher-safe basket is fairly easy to clean. Bonuses of this measured 5.2-quart model include preset cook modes, an auto-shutoff for added safety, and a 2-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can score a highly rated large-capacity air fryer for less than $50.

    Digital display? Check. Dishwasher-safe? Check. Preprogrammed settings? Check. The Emerald 1812 4L Digital Air Fryer has all the basics and delivers on those features well. It’s why it earns high marks in all of our testing categories. Its measured capacity of 3.9 quarts makes it an ideal choice for cooks looking for a model that can handle enough food for two to three people. But beware, the 90-day warranty is much shorter than the 1-year warranty typical for most air fryers. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This model is already a great budget buy, but now you can get it for 25 percent off. 

    One of the lightest large-capacity air fryers we recommend, the Gourmia GAF686 Digital is a top performer in CR’s air-fryer tests. In addition to receiving high marks for its controls, the model stands out for its relatively low operating noise and ease of cleaning. Though its measured capacity is 4.3 quarts, its overall size is equivalent to some smaller-capacity models.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can score one of CR’s highest-rated air fryers for almost $30 off.

    The electronic controls and programmed settings on the Ninja AF101 are among the easiest to see and use, respectively, earning high ratings in our assessments. Cleaning the inside and outside is fairly simple, and the measured capacity of this model is just about average at 3 quarts. Bear in mind that this model runs on the noisy side, with the fan as loud as a countertop microwave.

    Why it’s a good deal: In at-home tests, this air fryer delivered a great performance. It’s now $30 off.

    The digital touchscreen on the Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer is easy to read. And its programmed settings are easy to use, earning it a favorable score in our controls test. This model also doesn’t make too much noise, and cleaning the inside and outside doesn’t take a lot of elbow grease. Despite the air fryer’s name, the basket has a measured capacity of 3.6 quarts. Like other models we’ve tested, this one comes with a 1-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: Best Buy just put this model on clearance, at the lowest we’ve seen in weeks. (It’s also at Amazon.) Its price has dipped to as low as $60, though, and may fall even further.

    The unique tilt function on this Oster model rotates your food for you—taking away the need for manual turning and contributing to an even crisp. That feature already sets it apart from most of the other air fryers in our ratings. But on top of that, it receives great scores in all our testing categories, is dishwasher-safe, and has a measured capacity of 5 quarts. That means it’s great for families.

    Why it’s a great deal: This titanium-infused air fryer (read: easy cleaning) is now more than 40 percent off.

    The Proctor Silex 5 Liter Air Fryer Model 35060 is an analog model, so you don’t get the benefits of a digital display, but at a measured capacity of 4.9 quarts, it’s one of the most affordable large-capacity models in our ratings. According to our tests, it’s also fairly easy to clean, even though it’s not dishwasher-safe. And it has a relatively low operating noise. Its 3-year warranty is more generous than the 1-year warranty that’s standard with most air fryers in CR’s ratings.

    Why it’s a good deal: Scoring a highly rated large-capacity air fryer for under $100 is already a good deal. But for $20 off, the savings are even more appealing.


    While this model isn’t among our top-rated, Calphalon is one of the most reliable blender brands in our tests. The 1,100-watt Calphalon Auto-Speed blender comes in dark stainless steel with a 68-ounce BPA-free Tritan jar plus a 25-ounce smoothie cup you can take on the road. It weighs 8 pounds and has a pulse option and a removable blade.

    Why it’s a good deal: At $50 off on Amazon, this is a pretty solid discount, but beware—it may get cheaper for the holidays.

    Like its Category 5 name suggests, this gunmetal-finish blender is noisy, but its commercial-grade horsepower takes blending to the next level. In fact, it’s Cuisinart’s most powerful blender ever. With variable speed control from 1,500 rpm to a turbo-boosting 30,000 maximum blending power, it also features automatic load sensing, adjustable presets, a digital display, and a setting memory function. It comes with an extra-large, 64-ounce BPA-free Tritan plastic jar with a soft-grip handle.

    Why it’s a good deal: At 20 percent off, this easy-to-use full-sized blender offers large capacity and turbo power at a bargain price.

    This Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System ranks in the middle of CR’s ratings. It earns above-average scores for chopping onions for salsa or almonds for pies but gets only an average score for puréeing soups and scores below average for grating Parmesan cheese. It’s also a bit noisy. The 8-cup-capacity chopper has convenient touch-button controls and three speeds, and comes with accessories including a dough blade, a blender attachment, and a recipe book.

    Why it’s a good deal: This $50 discount from Best Buy is impressive, but we have seen it go for as low as $100 off.

    Vitamix blenders are top of the line—and while the Ascent A2500 doesn’t land at the very top of our ratings, it can heat, chop, grind, blend and emulsify with the best of them. This model offers three versatile settings for smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts. Guided by a digital timer, variable speeds, and a pulse feature, it fine-tunes recipes and eliminates any manual guesswork. Each program automatically adjusts to the size of your container, blends or purées the recipe, and shuts off when finished. Wireless connectivity allows you to pair the machine with compatible self-detect containers, and other innovations that may come along.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can trade up to this highly rated Vitamix blender and save $50. Talk about an ascent!

    The Vitamix One is the brand’s simplest blender, and therefore it’s not intended for hot soups or thick nut butters. But it thrives with smoothies, sauces, dips, and frozen desserts. The blender is streamlined yet offers high performance, with intuitive controls, a 32-ounce jar, a removable lid plug, and a tamper to push ingredients into its durable stainless steel blades. Like many Vitamix blenders, it’s noisy, but power prevails as it breaks down veggies and frozen fruits.

    Why it’s a good deal: At almost $45 off, the Vitamix One is a good, high-performance starter blender for your kitchen.

    Food Processors and Choppers

    If you grate cheese for pizza, shred potatoes for hash browns, or dice veggies for salads, you’ll like the 450-watt Hamilton Beach 70730 Food Processor and Vegetable Chopper. It has two speeds and a 10-cup capacity, and it’s dishwasher-safe. It also comes with reversible blades, a bowl scraper, cord storage, and a 1-year motor warranty. Our tests found that it can be a little noisy, however.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model typically sells for over $50, but Walmart has a solid discount.

    With variable speeds, dial controls, and a reversible shredding and slicing disc, the NutriChef NCFP8 food processor isn’t one to miss. Although the model doesn’t fare as well when it comes to grating, it still scores high in overall performance in Consumer Reports’ tests. Included in the set: a dough blade plus whipping and juicing attachments. 

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s one of the best options under $100, and the sale price just dropped by an additional $5 compared with that of recent weeks.

    Toasters and Toaster Ovens

    ​​While it doesn’t land in the very top tier of our ratings, the Black+Decker 8-Slice Digital Extra Wide TO3290XSD is a solid choice, and at an affordable price. It scores well in our reheating test, and with a temperature range of 150° F to 450° F you’ll find it efficient at the basics — reheating, baking, and broiling. But expect to wait a while for toast. It performed below average in that test, taking a while to heat up.

    Why it’s a good deal: A roomy toaster oven with push-button controls is hard to find under $100. You can get this one, on sale now, for less than half of what some retailers are charging.

    With a temperature range of 120° F to 450° F, the 1,800-watt Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL does a nice job baking food, reheating leftovers, and turning out a batch of even, medium-brown toast. It’s also a cinch to operate and easy to clean. Plus, the brand received high reliability and owner satisfaction ratings in CR’s member surveys. One minor drawback, though: Our testers found that this model isn’t as good at toasting a single slice of bread as the other two top-rated toaster ovens from Breville.

    Why it’s a good deal: At more than half off, this is one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen. In fact, it’s $50 less than the price offered during Amazon Prime week.

    The generously sized Breville Smart Oven Air Convection BOV900BSSUSC takes countertop cooking to a whole new level with designated options for air frying, roasting, dehydrating, and slow cooking. (We’ve tried them all).  It’s so intuitive, you can even put it on cookie mode to get the perfect bake on a sugar cookie, or pizza mode for a fantastic crust on a margherita pizza. As a brand, Breville toaster ovens earn top marks for owner satisfaction.

    Why it’s a good deal: This top-notch toaster oven doesn’t go on sale often. At more than $150 off, it’s an ideal time to buy.

    The Cuisinart Countdown Metal CPT-415 snags the top rating in our color-range tests, popping up toast just as you like it. There are settings for bagels, defrost, and reheat, and Cuisinart’s 3-year warranty is longer than that of most brands in our ratings.

    Why it’s a good deal: Paying more than $50 for a 2-slice toaster may be a reach. But if you’re going to splurge for a digital display, you might as well splurge on one of the highest-rated models in CR’s ratings.

    The Cuisinart Deluxe Convection TOB-135N Toaster Oven stands out by excelling in our toast test, and does a pretty impressive job baking muffins and cookies. But it receives only a middling score for reheating lasagna. This 1,800-watt toaster oven has a temperature range of 150° F to 500° F and three rack positions. Beyond bake, broil, and bagels, there are settings for keeping warm and reheating. CR members found Cuisinart toaster ovens pretty reliable and were fairly happy with their purchase.

    Why it’s a good deal: You can snag one of CR’s top rated toaster ovens for more than $50 off.

    There’s quite a lot going for this 1,500-watt Emeril Power Toaster Oven. It’s a cinch to operate, and we’ve found that it’s particularly good at making toast and baking cookies. If you’re looking to save counter space, this model doubles as an air fryer, too, and its 0.5-cubic-foot interior has the capability to turn out a 4- to 6-pound rotisserie chicken. The best part? It’s almost half off.

    Why it’s a good deal: This is the lowest price we’ve seen for this model.

    We’ve evaluated a similar Oster toaster oven, and it wasn’t a standout in our tests. But it does have a few areas where it excels. For instance, it’s expected to be a cinch to use, and it should turn out a pretty nice char on your toast. It reheats and bakes well, too. However, don’t expect it to be easy to clean. In CR member surveys, respondents rated Oster toaster ovens as pretty reliable, but customers weren’t always happy overall—Oster’s toaster ovens landed only average owner-satisfaction ratings. 

    Why it’s a good deal: This discount is more than $20 off the usual Amazon price.


    In addition to its cooking prowess, the large Panasonic NN-SE785S comes from a brand that earns high ratings for both predicted reliability and owner satisfaction from our members. This machine’s heating evenness and speed of heating are superb, and it defrosts very well. The controls are self-explanatory, and the microwave operates relatively quietly. It comes equipped with a sensor, which takes the guesswork out of cooking.

    Why it’s a good deal: It’s almost $100 off! ’Nuff said.

    This Panasonic countertop is from a brand that earns solid ratings for both predicted reliability and owner satisfaction. It heats evenly and quickly, so you won’t have to dilly-dally waiting for your food. It’s almost as good at defrosting and it operates quietly, too. And if you’re someone who doesn’t like to read manuals, feel free to skip it; the controls on this model are self-explanatory.

    Why it’s a good deal: While this isn’t a deep discount, Panasonic microwaves are consistently top performers in our tests.


    This Blue Diamond multi-cooker has an impressive overall performance. It’s stellar at pressure cooking and sauteeing, and functions as a great slow cooker and rice cooker as well. Its one downside: the steaming performance was just so-so. This model comes with a 2-year warranty and accessories, including a steam rack, measuring cup, spoon, and condensation collector.

    Why it’s a good deal: Walmart has this high performer for more than 25 percent off.

    This multi-cooker from Ninja with 11 preset functions has great overall performance and does a standout job in pressure cooking, sautéing, and slow cooking. It does, however, lose points for its steaming performance, which testers found to be a bit subpar. In-box accessories for this model include a "cook-and-crisp" plate, nesting broil rack, crisping lid, and condensation collector. It comes with a 1-year warranty.

    Why it’s a good deal: Users of this multi-cooker give it rave reviews. Now’s the time to see what all the hype is about because it’s on sale for half off.

    CR did not evaluate the 300, but we expect it to perform much like the tested Ninja Foodi OP302, except that the untested model lacks a dehydrate function. The tested model excels at pressure cooking, rice cooking, and sautéing, but lost points for convenience because CR testers found the cleaning process to be somewhat tricky. This model can also be used as an air fryer.

    Why it’s a good deal: If you’ve been eyeing a multi-cooker, this is a good time to save a few bucks on a quality buy.

    More Kitchen Tools

    This vacuum sealer from Black+Decker is a great option. It gets high scores in CR’s lab tests for speed and dry-food sealing, and its performance for wet-food sealing (e.g., marinated foods) is almost as strong. It does get a lower-than-average score for noise, but that’s fairly common for this sort of kitchen tool.

    Why it’s a good deal: This model originally cost $130 and typically retails for closer to $100.

    The Lodge Seasoned Cast Iron Baking Pan is the smallest of all the sheet pans in our tests, but at almost 8.5 pounds, it weighs the most—by far. In fact, it’s difficult to remove it from the oven with just one hand. On the plus side, it doesn’t warp, and cleanup is easier than it is for many other uncoated pans.

    Why it’s a good deal: This cast-iron pan usually sells for closer to $60, but a discount of more than 30 percent makes it worth considering.