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    Yogurt Ratings

    Yogurt is a great snack or breakfast food, but which yogurt is the best? Regular, Greek, Icelandic and other types of yogurt are rich in flavor and nutritional value. Plus, check our ratings of dairy-free yogurts.

    View our ratings and reviews to find the best yogurts.

    Greek, Icelandic & Other Yogurts (13)

    Our ratings include scores for nutrition, taste, and price per container. The brands we tested were vanilla flavored and include Siggi's,  Fage, and Stonyfield, among others—including store brand Trader Joe's.

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    Regular Yogurts (8)

    The brands we tested were vanilla flavor and include Dannon, Brown Cow, and Yoplait—including store brand, 365 (Whole Foods).

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    Dairy-Free Yogurts (15)

    The dairy-free yogurt brands tested in our ratings include Good Plants, Siggi's, Oui by Yoplait, and more.

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